Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter Traditions

My husband is in full Easter Egg Hunt mode. Every year he hides plastic eggs around our house, inside and outdoors, and the kids have to follow clues they find inside the eggs. When they were young, they would find little treats in the eggs along with clues, Hersheys Kisses were a favorite, and at the end of the hunt they'd discover the golden egg stuffed with candy and a few dollar bills.

This year, the kids are twenty and twenty-one and still looking forward to the hunt. And their father has to stay out there ahead of them in terms of stealth and wit.
So he's putting together his own letterbox hunt. He will use public parks and trails. Driving will be involved. The kids will like that. And instead of Kisses, they'll find Wonka bars and at the end... I can't tell you because my husband hasn't told me yet.

He hangs out at, getting ideas. Some kids never grow up!
Do you have an Easter tradition?
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