Sunday, March 21, 2010

Do I Really Need a New Phone?

by Leann

The contract on my cell phone service has been up for some time and I've done nothing. I've been doing nothing about a lot of things lately, but that's another blog. But if you love college hoops like I do, you might have noticed that every other commercial is for cell phones or cell phone service.

Do I want a phone that turns into a television? Will that be the next bad thing on the highway after texting while driving? I'm thinking yes. So that's easy. No phone that becomes a TV. And i-phones get very high ratings in the magazine that rates such things, and yet my son, my daughter and everyone I know who owns one, have had problems where they must contact Apple or their wireless server when it won't work. You cannot check batteries or anything else. Do I want that problem in my life? Um

Do I need a keyboard on my phone? An itsy-bitsy cute little keyboard so my phone can become an ultra-mini computer? I do have small fingers, so it might be good for me, but I'm tied to a keyboard much of the time as a writer. And would I be tempted to whip that thing out in the supermarket and start a new chapter of my work in progress? Oh, and then start cursing when itsy-bitsy keyboard doesn't seem so cute. That could draw stares--or a security guard. Ix-nay on the keyboard phone, then.

Video camera phone. I can already take 15 second videos with the phone I have now and I never use that feature. After all, if you have something that should be captured in a 15 second time span, chances are, at least for me, by the time I figure out how to access the video feature, those 15 seconds are ancient history. Okay, no need to ponder that option unless it's one touch, one hour video. (I'd still need several minutes to even find that one frickin' button.

Camera phone. My current cell phone does take awesome pictures and it's a 3.1 megapixel phone. Listen to me. Acting like I have a clue what a megapixel is. But now the new camera phones have FIVE megapixels and that is so tempting. But is 5 THAT much better than 3.1? I have absolutely no clue. This would require research. And is one of those things I don't care to do. But if I don't, the salesman at the cell phone store will have me buying 5 when 3.1 is probably enough.

Do you see how confused I am? Do I truly need a new phone just because there are so many more bells and whistles out there? The only reason I can think of is because my heroine has a new cell phone--one she can hardly figure out. Do I need to do the research? Will I become so far behind the latest wave of technology if I keep doing nothing about my ANCIENT three-year-old cell phone?

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