Sunday, March 7, 2010

An Astounding Stroke of Luck

Sometimes it seems as if the stars are aligned against you. Other times, they are so lined up in your favor that it gives you goose bumps. In the first instance, my return trip from Athens was a great example of the “against” mode: a defunct flight that was supposed to take us to Frankfurt to catch our ride home; a missed connection when rerouted to Rome; a missed flight to the US; lost luggage; no place to stay in Germany – and the worst case scenarios just kept on happening.

But yesterday – wowzers! So many stars were aligned FOR me that I’m still a little shell shocked. Let me explain the amazing set of coincidences.

I received an email Saturday morning from fellow cozy chick Lorna Barrett alerting me to a message from Facebook friend David Chadoir. The message is as follows:

“A very special treat for Cozy Chick Kate Collins (this will knock your socks off). This early morning in Abu Dhabi, I was watching CNN International program "Backstory." I was bleary-eyed and half asleep. A reporter was interviewing a young man in Haiti and they went with him to his home. He pointed out various things in his bedroom, then he said: "This is my book, my English book." The reported asked him if he learned English from that book. He said, "Yes I did." The book was EVIL IN CARNATIONS by Kate Collins!!! In the attached clip, he points out the book at 3:09 minutes into it. CONGRATULATIONS, KATE! I've never read one of your books, but I will now.”

Here’s the link if you want to watch it. The young man is so eloquent and it’s very touching.
(Be prepared for a brief commercial before it starts). As David points out, the book appears about 3 minutes into the clip.

What is truly astounding is how many stars had to align to bring that to my attention. First, that David happened to be watching CNN that morning. Second, that the reporter happened to pick that boy to interview. Third, that the boy happened to get one of my books – no doubt through book donations – and is using it to learn English. Fourth, that David happened to know of the Cozy Chicks and took the time to contact us. As I said, astounding.

Have you ever had one of those serendipitous happenings? Or the worst case scenarios that just kept piling up?

Oh, and I have a favor to ask. I’m searching for a title for my March 2011 book. The tricky part is melding a vampire theme with flower terms. I’ve come up with a few, but none have been a hit with my editor. If anyone wants to try a hand at titles, I would appreciate it – and if your idea is a hit with my editor – I will dedicate the book to you AND use your name as a character. It needs to be 3-5 words in length. Anyone want to try?


Lindy said...

How about "Thirsty For the Bleeding Heart?" Or "Just One Bite of Daisy."

signlady217 said...

Here are a few I came up with:

Deadnettle Best

Hosta La Vista

Solomon's Seal of Approval

Bloodroot of All Evil

Bat Flower From Hell

Hydrangea Already

Along Came a Spider Lily

signlady217 said...

Here's another one: Bat Flowers in the Belfry.

Dru said...

Callie Lillies Are Not Blooming

Heather Webber said...

Kate, that's an amazing story. Love it when the stars align.

Vampires and flowers, eh? Let me think on it.

Sheila Connolly said...

I knew a guy who used to say "it's the Fairy F***mother at work." Sometimes there's nothing you can do but go with it. But how nice that the wheel turns and you get the good stuff too! The universe is a mysterious place. Is that why we write mysteries--so we can guarantee a satisfying ending?

Something with "deadly nightshade"?

Jennifer K. said...

How about "Blood on the Vine"?

Heather Webber said...

Okay, I'm in a punny mood today.

Viburnum at the Stake
Yew Are So Vein
Bitten by Yew
Bane in the Neck
Wolfsbane in the Neck
Fangs for the Peonies
Honeysuckle It Up
Stake to the Bleeding Heart
Carpe Crocus
Hocus Crocus
Once in a Full Moonflower

Lover of Books said...

lol wow that's amazing! As for bad days, haven't had those in awhile. THe worst one was we changed a policy at work. Now that's not so bad but our customer base didn't like it and the one time I didn't call a manager this lady called back and complained. Long story short I got in trouble. I even asked her if she wanted me to call a manager and she said no. But when she called back to complain she said she didn't want a manager.

Other than that, my days are going pretty well. :)


vtcjan at yahoo dot com said...

A Stake in the Bleeding Hearts

signlady217 said...

One more: Bleeding Hearts Afire

ChariDee said...

Oh WOW! That is wonderful! Congrats Kate.

jbstanley said...

I like at least five of signlady's titles! Bloodroot of all Evil is good and so is Along Came a Spider Lily. I was thinking of Honeysuckle and Stakes, but someone beat me to it.

Good luck!

Andrea C. said...

Wow! How cool to see your book on TV in another country!!! Congrats...I will think about the titles but I really like Jennifer K's suggestion of Blood on the Vine..

Vicki said...

Wow, some of these titles are great. I love Honeysuckle It Up by Heather Webber....clever and funny!

Kate Collins said...

You guys are the best! I'm going to cross my fingers that my editor likes at least one of your title suggestions so my agonized search will be over at last! Thanks!!

Jessica said...

Fangs (or teeth) of the SnapDragon

Jan said...

Pushing up Daisies

Anonymous said...
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Dave Chaudoir said...

It is truly an amazing alignment of stars; I had to look at it again online just to make sure I hadn't accidentally seen it wrong! Best wishes.

Kate Collins said...

David, I know how you feel. I had to watch it a few times for it to sink in. The publicist at Penguin was able to find out who the reporter was, so I emailed him and asked if I and the other cozy chicks could send a donation of books. Unfortunately, I haven't heard from him. I really wanted to connect with the young man. Everyone, including my editor, was so touched by his story. I really thank you for bringing it to my attention.