Thursday, February 4, 2010

Your Oldest Friend

This week I have a special guest in my house. My college roommate, with whom I roomed during both my freshmen and junior years, flew over from Germany to visit with her American friends and I’m one of them.

In order to see me, she had to rent a car in D.C., battle the traffic on Interstate 95, and then deal with the snow-covered roads in Virginia. Now that’s a friend.

Her visit will be short and we only get to see one another once a year, but we have many stories to rehash and we love to analyze what we’ve been doing during the twelve months we’ve been apart. It’s amazing how so much happens and yet, we stay basically the same.

Tonight we’ll go out to dinner. Tomorrow I’ll try to talk her into getting a pedicure because our time together is special and we should use it pampering ourselves, right?

When she drives away tomorrow afternoon, I’ll feel that little pang of loss. I’ll wish we lived closer to one another and vow to do a better job communicating with her over the next twelve months.

She and I have been friends for twenty-one years now. Isn’t that wonderful?

How about you? Who’s your oldest friend and how do you two keep in touch?

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