Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Spring Planning

The only thing redeeming about February (IMHO) is seed catalogues! I love them, can pour over them for hours, dreaming of sunny skies and warm weather, green and grass. Last year was my first time with a real honest-to-goodness vegetable garden and I have lots of ideas. Here's what I've ordered so far:
  • Brandywine tomatoes
  • Siberian red tomatoes
  • Amish paste tomatoes
  • Chioggia beets (they look like candy stripes)
  • Golden beets
  • Ground cherries (small husked fruity flavor like  pineapple)
  • Swiss chard - multi-colored stalks
  • Arugula
  • Several lettuce mixes

And that's only the beginning. I've also decided to grow an herbal tea garden and make my own tea. That means Chamomile, bergamont, mints, lavender, lemon verbena...

How about you? What are you planning for Spring?
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