Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Rooting for the Hometown Girl

By Maggie

Okay, don't fall off your chairs or anything, but I'm all set to watch "American Idol" tonight--all two hours worth.

Surprised? Well, if you've been regularly reading our Cozy Chicks posts, you probably are. I've posted to other Chicks' posts about Idol by saying I stayed away from watching the show regularly because every time I paused in channel surfing, someone was singing SO badly it made nails on a chalk board sound good. That's the trouble with being a singer. You develop a really sensitive ear, and you can't listen to people singing in the "cracks."

Well, I have a reason to watch tonight. Fort Collins has a local high girl who has made the Idol Semi-finals. Twelve girl singers and twelve guys. When I read that in last week's newspaper, I decided I had to check in and cheer on our "hometown girl."

Who is she? Haeley Vaughn, a sixteen year old high school junior. She even goes to the same high school my daughters Serena and Maria graduated from years ago. How great is that? Haeley has been singing and taking guitar lessons for four years now, and from the brief snippets I've seen on Colorado news channels, she's really good. So good, that apparently even tough judge Simon Cowell told Haeley she's "super, super talented." And, we all know Simon doesn't praise lightly. Haeley sings country/pop. And, judging from some of the other brief views I had of the semi-finals, she's up against some very talented young singers. In fact, I was really surprised by the good singers I heard.

So, I guess I discovered how to watch Idol. Wait until Semi-Finals week and enjoy all the fresh young talent on display. What about you? Will you be watching? Do you have any favorites yet?
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