Saturday, February 27, 2010

A nice, clean fridge

by Lorraine Bartlett / Lorna Barrett / L.L. Bartlett

Yesterday our new fridge was delivered.  This was no easy feat.  First of all, it snowed overnight.  The guy we hired to plow us--didn't show up.  The deliveryman called and said, "We'll deliver between 10 and 1."  Usually that means, 2 p.m. or later.  Not yesterday.  There he was at 10:20 and there was still a million pounds of snow at least 12" thick on the driveway.  Mr. L had been using Mr. Snowblower for almost an hour and had hardly made a dent in the very heavy, wet snow.

Meanwhile, I was inside frantically trying to empty the fridge.  (Did I mention they called at 9:30?)  I thought it might take me maybe ten minutes to empty the fridge.  WRONG!  After 40 minutes, I'd made a 50% dent, but that was it.

Fridgenotmine Why does any household need so much mustard?  Cranberry mustard.  Honey mustard.  Portand beer mustard.  Sweet mustard.  Horseradish mustard.  Champagne mustard.  YELLOW mustard.  And what about jam in nearly empty jars?  We had raspberry, peach, cherry, blackberry, hot pepper (3 jars of that), plus Cabernet jelly. Grape?  Not a trace.  (And that's my favorite.)  I found stuff that was YEARS out of date, buried in the back.  (Brandy butter anyone?)

Leftovers?  Mashed potatoes, black-eye peas in korma sauce, spaghetti. roast pork, meatloaf, rice, and stewed tomatoes.  (And since the fridge has been freezing everything, none of it had gone bad!)
Shallot What about the veggie drawer?  There was a bag of shallots my Dad had purchased on March 9th, 2009.  I lost my Dad in October, and for some reason have not been able to part with that nearly empty bag of shallots.  (Oddly enough, they still seem okay.)

The freezer?  Oy!  I filled an entire plastic grocery bag with bread (Italian, white, and rye) and rolls (hotdog, hamburg, dinner, French).  Every day we go to the freezer and say, "There's nothing for dinner."  Not anymore.  I found chicken, fish, three kinds of sausage, chicken and duck carcasses (for my next pot of soup), meatballs, and shrimp.  (To be fair, the shrimp is for Chester, our cat.  I can't Pot stickers eat the stuff.)  I found two boxes of pot stickers (which we ate for lunch--mmm mmm, good!).  I found some of the bounty from the garden:  parsley, onions, jalapeno peppers, leeks and rhubarb.  (I froze the rhubarb because my Dad liked rhubarb crisp and I'd hoped to make it for him one last time.)  I found two pieces of mince pie (leftover from Christmas, soon to be Mr. L's breakfast), and six opened boxes of Birthday candles.  (They won't melt in there!)

Recycle Our recycle bin is now full of glass jars and No. 1 plastic jars and containers.  The new fridge is gorgeous, mainly because nothing has yet spilled in it.   We've vowed to pay more attention to what's in there, and try not to let it get so hopelessly jammed.  And let's hope it lasts at least another 16 years.  It's going to take me that long to recover from this experience.

So, what's in YOUR fridge?
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