Sunday, February 28, 2010

Name That Cat! First Vote

by Leann

I am seeking a great name for a very important cat that will appear in my third Cats in Trouble Mystery (out in 4/2011). To help you choose, remember this female cat is long-haired, black, with green eyes, and belongs to a very wealthy woman. She is a super pampered feline.

Please choose ten names from this fantastic list that all of you created and E-MAIL your choices to me at Votes cast in the comments are too hard to keep track of, so please e-mail me! Votes in the comments or on a list won't count.

Here goes! Name. That. Cat.

Angel, Antigone, Athena, Amarantha, Angelina, Amora, Absinthe, Alexandra, Angelica, Amaretta, Amour, Ashanti, Alice, Adrianna, Ava, Anastasia, Angelique, Adora Rose

Brandy, Baby, Beluga (like the caviar), Bella, Blase', Belladonna, Bella, Bast (Egyptian cat goddess), Burgundy, Bianca, Beryl

Cleopatra, Cat, Chatte, Chardonnay, Chere, ChiChi (showy or trendy), Cashmere, Chartreuse, Chocolate, Crystal, Charisma, Charlotte, Caroline, Champagne, Cassandra, Coco, Chanel, (or Coco Chanel), Celeste, Contessa, Caviar, Carlotta

Darling, Darcy. Darby, Dalal (means spoiled one), Dazzle, Dahlia, Duchess, Diana, Delilah, Dominique

Emerald, Envy, Ebony, Ezmeralda, Evita, Elizabeth, Ekaterina, Empress, Endora, Elvira

Frisky, Fern

Godiva, Gigi, Gamin

Harriet (the cow in my second book is Harriett), Hazel, Her Royal Highness, Hershey

Izzie, Isabelle, Isis (jet black beauty named after Egyptian goddess of death)

Jade, Jewel, Jasmine, Jezza Belle, Jetta, Juno

Kitten, Kiki LaFleur, Katya, Kali, Katia, Karma, Kahlua

Lolita, Leona, Lily, Latifah, Lola, Loki (Norse god of mischief), Leila

Mercedes, Ms Callie, Maricella, Murphy, Magic, Maxie, Maxine, Mouse, Mousse, Midnight, Margaret, Minx, Midori, Mingnon, Mignonette, Maeve, Melanie, Mirabelle, Mocha, Minou (French for "meow")

Nefertiti, Niala, Noir, Nimue, Ninette

Ophelia, Onyx, Obsidian

Princess, Pandora, Penelope, Precious, Pocohantas, Pyewacket (famous cat that belonged to a witch) Paris, Paris Hilton, Posh, Paree, Peresphone, Priscilla, Peaches, Pinkie

Queen, Queenie

Roxanne, Roxie, Regina, Ruby Petunia, Raven, Rhianna

Sophia Loren, Sophia, Sunshine, Slydell (Sly for short), Smooches, Smitten, Sweetie, Sheba, Scarlett O'Hara, Scarlett, Serena, Sable, Selene, Sasha, Sabrina, Sweetpea, Smoke, Seraphim (highest chorir of angels), Sauda, Sacha, Sin

Truffles, Twyla, Tasha, Tigress, Topaz (for black topaz), Tiara, Tatiana, Tara (for Scarlett's home), Teal, Tessa, Tuxedo

Vivien Leigh, Viv, Vivvy, Velvet, Veronica, Victoria, Veruca

Zsa Zsa, Zahara

Okay. WHEW! What's YOUR favorite character cat name?
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