Sunday, February 21, 2010

Name That Cat! (A Contest)

by Leann

I am writing the third book in the Cats in Trouble Mystery Series and realized that a certain important cat character has the wrong name. This is troublesome. Character names are very important. In this series, many of the names come from my family--and I try to make the character quite the opposite from his or her real life counterpart. Or use a first name from one side of the family and a last name from the other side. As for my heroine, well, her name is Jillian Hart. My daughter is Jillian and my maiden name is Hart.

Paw print2 I have found that a cat with the wrong name can be as bad as a human character with the wrong one. Just so you know, the three "main character" cats in the series are Syrah, Merlot and Chablis. In the second book due out in May, two cats have names from readers who had lost their beloved feline friends--so look for Vlad and Wiggins.

Black cat2 But now I've decided to call on you for names. Here's a little bit about the cat with the wrong name: it's a she, she's long-haired and silky black with vivid green eyes and she belongs to a very very wealthy woman. In other words, she gorgeous, she knows it and she's spoiled silly.

Now, here's how this works. I will take entries from anyone who includes a potential cat name in a comment. You may offer more than one name--in fact you may send in as many names as you want for the next week. Then I will post the entire on Sunday, February 28. Then you can start voting. Get your friends and family involved! This is fun. I will cut the list in half, and then you can vote again. Depending on how many names we end up with, I will either tell which name had the most votes in three or four weeks.

When I post the list next week, I will give you the e-mail address to send in your votes. No, you cannot vote for the name you want a hundred times. :-) If you vote more than once, it has to be for a different name each time.

Get your creative side working and start giving me names. Do you have exactly the right moniker for my pampered cat character?
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