Friday, February 19, 2010

Mug Love

By Heather

Maybe it’s the season (who am I kidding--it’s definitely the season!), but lately I’ve noticed a lot of people mentioning that their favorite thing to do is make a nice mug of coffee or tea and settle in with a good book, or relax in front of the fireplace, or watch the snow fall, or tune in to the latest offering on BBC America. Always something with a hot drink.

One of the things I realized as I made my coffee every day was that I often reached for the same mug from the cabinet. Day in, day out I’d use my Vermont stone mug with the imprinted moose and forest on one side, and black bear and forest on the other, with "Vermont" stamped on both sides. I bought it a few years ago, on the way out of Vermont after a little getaway with my husband. It brings back great memories—and keeps my coffee hot for a long time.

Then I recalled that my mother has been drinking out of the same mug for close to thirty years, a delicate bone-colored mug with the image of a tiger cub on the side (that you can actually still see!). No one is allowed to so much as TOUCH that mug. Heaven forbid something ever happened to it. It’s like a second sibling. My father, too, drinks out of a Space Center mug he picked up about fifteen years ago. Every. Day.

When I was thinking about writing this blog, I asked one of my critique partners, Shelley Shepard Gray, if she too used one mug. She does—but not for any kind of memory the mug holds, but for the shape. She likes mugs short and wide which makes it easier to hold with two hands. Shelley is also a lefty, so she steers clear of mugs printed only on one side—because she can’t see the image when she drinks.

I know we can’t possibly be the only ones who have mug love. Is there one particular cup that’s your very favorite? And if so, why? What is it about that mug that’s so very special?

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