Sunday, February 7, 2010

Bad Job, Good Job

by Leann

You probably like to do a good job, whether it's your occupation, your hobby or with your relationships. Human beings, like lots of other living things, work. It is part of our nature. If only everyone understood how gratifying it can be to do a good job.

I have chemical sensitivities and over the years, I have become intolerant to many environmental things--even the chemicals that clothing is made from. So in this world where everything has some percentage of Lycra in it, well, I have a problem. But thank goodness for the Internet. I can hunt up organic cotton clothing and in this case, underclothing, and order it. Or so I thought. On January 4th, I ordered an organic cotton bra. When it hadn't arrived by January 25th and it had already been paid for through Paypal, I contacted the company by email. I have very rarely had a problem with Internet companies not delivering, but this time, not so lucky.

When they didn't contact me after three days, I opened a dispute with Paypal about said company and sent another email telling them that this is what I had done. Boy did they get back to me in a hurry! I actually believed they were as sorry as they said and that the issue would be revolved, that I would get what I paid for. But when the person emailing me said, "We've shipped the item. Will you close the dispute now?" I didn't feel quite so confident anymore.

I wanted to write back, "Um, look through your computer and see if you can find a big "S" for "stupid" branded on my forehead. My civil reply, however, was , "I will close the dispute when I get the item." Nine days later, still no organic bra. I elevated the dispute to a claim and emailed said company to tell them as much. Again I was assured the item had been shipped when I opened the dispute in January. I was sent the invoice that said it was sent via airmail and to "allow 5-15 days" for delivery.

Huh? Airmail takes 5-15 days? This time I couldn't resist the smart retort. My return email said, "I don't live in Russia." I do not expect to see my "item," and I sure hope Paypal comes through.

On the other hand, I decided to make some promotional buttons to advertise my series at the upcoming Malice Domestic Convention and at future events. I was told about a company by some writer friends, Busy Beaver, that makes these buttons. They have a design service or you can send in your own design. I started working with them at the end of last week and Friday the 5th, my completed order was delivered. Busy Beaver does exactly what they say they will do. And not only that, they are nice, professional and prompt. I sure wish the whole world worked like that. And didn't they do a fantastic job?How about you? Any similar experiences with Internet purchases?
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