Sunday, January 10, 2010

When Engineers Go Bad ...

by Leann

I married an engineer a very long time ago--and we're still married. And I do love him. Honest. But ... I was clueless about what the future would hold once we said "I do." Blissfully clueless. I had no idea that HD TV  all things must be fixed, even if not broken, that research on home improvement projects can take years, nothing can be purchased during the first trip to the store, that carving a turkey is an event that will ensure all the food on the table will be ice cold by the time you get to eat. Oh, I could go on. Our latest ordeal was purchasing an HD flat screen TV (had to wait for the prices to go down). And it was an ordeal that I won't go into.

 But there is something happening today that is literally Chinese water torture. It's freezing in Texas. In the 20's. The engineer who turns on the Weather Channel as soon as he gets out of bed is an engineer heaven today. He has a mission! Pipes must be drained, spigots insulated, and he even ran the washing machine with nothing in it to make sure it drained completely. (We have a utility room. It's not like the washer is parked outside the backdoor.)

Dripping faucet  But it's the drip, drip, drip of every faucet that is driving me crazy. If water is moving through the pipes, I have been told over and over and over, then the pipes will not freeze and all hell will not break loose. I made the mistake of complaining about the dripping noises and was met with complete shock and disbelief that I did not understand the consequences of broken pipes. (I know bad things can happen ... I get that part.) But what I do understand better than anything is the consequences of being married to an engineer when it freezes in Texas. Thank goodness he has now gone to work (on a weekend, no less) to make sure everyone there knows about broken pipes, too.

I feel sorry for the guys at the plant.  (How about you?)
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