Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Titles Galore

Thank you to everyone who entered my website contest to Name a Kelly Flynn Mystery. I was totally overwhelmed by the response. So many wonderful title suggestions were submitted, I wound up picking six winners instead of five. All six of those people will receive a complete autographed set of all the Kelly Flynn mysteries.

In fact, there were so many great titles submitted that I wound up choosing several "runners-up" who will each receive a Kelly Flynn mystery. I hope to ship out the books to the various winners once I receive addresses. All of the winners as well as the runners-up will have the opportunity to be chosen as the title for a future Kelly Flynn mystery. Subject to editor approval, of course.

Well over 100 title suggestions were submitted and six were chosen as winners plus nine more as runners-up. What was the difference between the entries that were chosen and the ones that were not? Most of the titles that didn't make it to the finalist pool didn't combine words that referred to fiber (i.e. knit, stitch, yarn) with words that mark a book as a murder mystery (i.e. kill, die, death).

Even so, I really enjoyed some of the more humorous entries, such as: Alpaca Suitcase, Look Back in Angora, Worsted Way to Die, and Death Sock. Love them all. In case some of you Cozy Chicks bloggers contributed some of these, please tell us so in a comment. I want to celebrate your creativity.
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