Sunday, January 17, 2010


by Leann

This seems to be retro week and I'm kinda liking it. On Facebook, folks have been changing their profile pictures to photos from way back when. I'm really enjoying it. I only had one I could share and it included me, my brother and several cousins. Can you pick me out?

There are always things that keep coming back or have never left. Pea coats come to mind. Don't know why, but pea coats are classic. Of course how much can you do with a coat? I, for one, am grateful stretch pants haven't reappeared. You know the ones. They had stirrups. And they usually came in gaudy colors. No one looked good in stretch pants that I can recall, but if you have a retro picture of you looking hot in stretch pants, I'd love to see it.

Bell bottoms come and go. And I never know which denim is in: faded or not. Perms are definitely out. Messy hair keeps hanging on. Scruffy facial hair seems to be fading. Beards are neater and mustaches are starting to reappear.

But there is something that's back this month that is wickedly good and oh so bad at the same time. Pepsi Throwback. Real sugar--and the creates the original taste, the one I was addicted to when I was in college. See, at our house, my mother never allowed soft drinks. So when I left home I hit that Pepsi machine two or three times a day. When they switched to corn syrup as the sweetener, I could tell the difference and didn't like it. But Throwback. Oh, it's good. Maybe I should move up my dental appointment.

How about you? What do you want back at least for awhile, and what would you like to never come back in your lifetime?
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