Friday, January 15, 2010

Slip-Sliding Away

Okay, if you’re looking for tasteful, refined or elegant, today you’re going to have to look somewhere else.

Today is all about those times when, let’s just say, there’s been a slip-slide into coarse and unsophisticated. I wanted to claim it temporary insanity, but as you’ll see in my instances, they weren’t so temporary. I’m afraid to ponder the implications of that.

Let me offer into evidence (click to enlarge):

Yes, that’s a Tupperware bowl acting as a birdbath (and some bunny prints around it--more on that at my personal blog). Here’s the thing. In the warmer months, there’s usually a beautiful ceramic bowl sitting on that stand (classy! refined!), but it can’t be left out during hard freezes or it would crack. The problem is that the birds don’t seem to care what season it is (or they’re oblivious) because before the Tupperware bowl, they’d land near the stand, peck around, hop up on it looking for a little water. There are days we defrost the water in the bowl to make sure the birds can get to it. Obviously, not the day that picture was taken (poor birds). The plastic bowl is quite an eyesore and is a little embarrassing, but we can’t find anything better (will take suggestions!).

In another instance, when my husband and I had our first baby, we lived in a one bedroom in-law apartment. We gave our son the bedroom and we moved to a pull-out sofa in the living room. The problem that came up was the front door had a high window. One that the neighbors could see into if they tried really hard. So, you’d think we’d go out and buy a little valance or something to hang on the door, right? Wrong. This was before I knew what a valance was, so we did the next best thing. We draped a blue towel over the top of the door.

For two years.

I’m still a little embarrassed to admit that. There are other instances, but I’m red-faced enough for one day. I’m hoping that I’m not the only one who has done a little slipping and sliding. Please share if you’re guilty too. You can even plead temporary insanity—no one will be the wiser.



Jessica said...

LOL Heather, I love that you shared your "slipping and sliding" with us! Maybe you could pick up "festive" plastic bowls? Like a christmas bowl, or something with snowmen? That way, you're not slipping and sliding, you're just keeping with the season! (right?)

Jessica said...

oops...forgot to leave my slipping and parents used to be so busy that try as they may, sometimes there just wasn't time enough to get those pesky dishes done and when company would call 10 minutes before showing up on our doorstep, those dishes went right in the oven for safekeeping until they were gone! I used to laugh at them, until one day I had the same problem! HAHA, Jokes on me right? I too have hidden dirty dishes in my oven just to keep up appearances on a long day when I just didn't have time to get them done before company came! How terrible is that???

Dru said...

I don't like to keep garbage in my apartment so I empty out every night before I go to bed. One time I was so tired that instead of taking it to the garbage chute - I stored it in the refrigerator.

I've used sheets to cover the windows and then I decided to get fancy and put holes so that I can see out of said "faux curtains." Yeah, not the best idea, but I was young and just started living on my own.

Katie said...

I've totally done the dirty dishes in the oven or underneath the sink.

And garbage outside our back door.

debbie said...

My daughter has been hounding me for a curtain in her room and I keep forgetting about it. She took matters into her own hands and tacked a blanket over the window. Tacky, yes, but at least it's a Red Sox blanket!

I'm guilty of piling "stuff" on my bed and shutting the door when company is expected. The coats would then go on my daughter's bed....and then everyone would see her "homemade" curtain. hahaha

Sheila Connolly said...

Oh, my--too many to mention. We have a habit of making massive cleaning sweeps on those rare occasions when we have guests. All the "stuff" gets thrown into boxes--which of course we stick somewhere and forget about, sometimes for years. Which leads to the question, why did we keep the stuff in the first place?

Our daughter moved in "temporarily" when she graduated from college--in 2007. Her stuff is still in piles. In fact, her official bedroom has been given over to her junk, and she's sleeping in another room because her bed is buried.

Anonymous said...

It is one of those times when what we are doing is more important than anybody who might be impressed. Innovation, handling, living life. Things we remember and share. Prioritizing.


Sharon said...

Actually, I think the tupperware birdbath is adorable and sweet. And hey, blue goes with anything!

My biggest slip-slide... while living in New Orleans, went to Mardi Gras festivities, including a ball, in a long dress and an updo. By 6 a.m., when we returned home, the updo was a down-do, and the dress was a mess, and... we couldn't find the key to our apt. (OK, we were in our 20s. Early, early 20s.) So, my husband crashed at his friend's house. And I took the bus--still in the long dress mind you--to work. Which was on the Naval Reserve Activity military base. Walked across the base... in my long dress and lopsided hair-do... and went to my desk, head now pounding. And proceeded to work... or at least go through the motions. Well, it was New Orleans, the day after Mardi Gras, so I got some strange looks, but not in trouble. And, oh yeah... found the key at lunch, in the cute little clutch that went with the long dress.

signlady217 said...

I think we've all done this kind of thing at one time or the other! My sewing room usually looks like a tornado went through (hey, it's a working room!), but if someone says they're coming by (esp. if they've never seen our house before) everything in the sewing room gets chunked in that closet and I hope it doesn't cause an avalanche and/or concussion when I open it later!

Heather Webber said...

I'm loving, absolutely loving, these stories.

Jessica, I did see a heart-shaped bowl at Target. Hmmm. I might have to go back. And the dishes--that's too funny. I remember almost burning down my best friend's house in high school because her parents stored cereal boxes in the oven--something I didn't know when I turned it on to preheat.

LOL, Dru. I can so see your "holey" curtains. It's amazing what we'll do when we're young!

Katie, I think we've done the garbage thing a time or two!

As long as it's a Red Sox blanket, Deb, there's nothing wrong with that! They do make Red Sox curtains, though, should she want her blanket back.

We have boxes of stuff, too, Sheila. Why do we keep it? I think I'd need therapy to answer that. And LOL on the "temporary" moving in.

Hi Sandy, you're right--these are definitely things we remember. Little slices of life that make us human.

Sharon, I'm LOLing at you going to work with a half-do and long dress, and I'm wondering why I haven't heard this story before. Next time I see you, I'm going to try and weasel out other stories you're hiding.

Ah, the closet avalanche, signlady. Yep, know it well! You don't even want to see the closet in our basement right now. It's filled with those boxes I was telling Sheila about. And the Christmas tree. And 1,000 kids games I can't seem to part with. Sigh.

Lover of Books said...

Done the flight of the bumblebees cleaning thing, but my favorite is my son's closet, it's got boxes, my crafts, and don't get me started on the boxes of books in the living room. Maybe I should drape fabric over it to make it look pretty!! lol

Sheery said...

My daughters have a gray blanket hanging as a curtain in their bedroom at this very moment. I'm in my 30's and definitely know beter! The thing is an utter eyesore and I totally blame my husband! LOL. However, the paint job in their room is a messed up family effort. My girls (who are still small) want a Princess room. So we started painting it pink. About 2/3 through the first wall - my 5 year old said she didn't like the color and wants it to be purple. That's really not a problem - except for the fact that it's been like that for about 7 months now! I'm ashamed, really. My girls deserve their pretty princess room. Now if we could find an entire weekend to just do it. And get rid of the ugly blanket curtain. :)

Shannon said...

Dropping the kids off at school in my pjs...throw a sweatshirt over them and hope you don't get pulled over or have a flat. So far, so good!

And try to have changed out of them by the time I have to pick them up! It's getting easier now that they are older.

Jessica said...

Oh Shannon thats one of mine too! Haha! I'm so glad I'm not the only one to do crazy things :-)

Amy Desrosiers said...

Ah, sheets as make do curtains hung with thumbtacks, milk crate bookshelves and coffee tables, the futon as not just a couch but as your bed, stacks of books as end tables....

Have you considered Pyrex for the birdbath?

Heather Webber said...

Sorry I'm so late responding--was waylaid by high school band and a giant sinkhole (don't ask).

Lover of Books, fabric goes a long way to hide decorating flaws. I say go for it!

Hi Sheery, yeah, I'd say it's time for that Princess room. I think sometimes it's hard to rev up for a big project like that. Esp. when it's been started and stopped before. I'd recommend taking your daughters to the paint store and letting them pick the color! Let us know how it turns out!

Oh, Shannon. I've been there. In my blue flannel jammies with little red stars printed on them. Recently, for fear of a fender bender, I've been throwing on yoga pants. Mind you, I still have bed head, no makeup, etc., but at least I'm dressed. LOL.

Hi Amy! The milk crates could be part of some sort of shabby chic decor, so just don't say anything. Does Pyrex not crack in hard freezes??? This could be the perfect answer.

jbstanley said...

Hey, at least you're looking after the birds! Tupperware or no!

(Maybe the bunny is using it for a bathtub too!)

Our embarrassing yard decor is our playhouse. I hung party streamers and pirate decorations from it and we call it the Disco Pirate Fort. The neighbors can't possibly approve!

Heather Webber said...

The Disco Pirate Fort? Love it, JB!

Bookworm Princess said...

We have had more than our share of last minute guests where we go around and put all stray items into a huge box. Sometimes I forget about things until I have bought a duplicate or finally go looking for it months later :-)

And I am always buying things holiday related when they go on clearance for the nxt year. My problem is that I forget where I put them and usually don't find them until after the holiday has passed. Now that I have made myself out to sund like a hoarder I have to insist that I am not :-) I am just a really bad organizer sometimes.