Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Resolution By Any Other Name is Still As...Non-Binding

by Leann Sweeney

I know this. I own a treadmill. But before I start talking about non-resolutions, I should introduce myself. I'm Leann Sweeney from Texas. I write the Yellow Rose Myteries and the Cats in Trouble Mysteries. And I am thrilled to be the new "Cozy Chick!" I hope you will stop by on Sundays and visit with me. What an awesome bunch of chicks on this blog and I thank them for inviting me.

I'll keep my blogs as short as possible. We are all busy and just like a little word or two from our writer friends. So here goes!

Even if you say you don't make resolutions, you probably do. You just keep them to yourself. Change is part of the human condition, but "resolution" sounds positive. Resolutions are about hope. I mean, who says "I resolve to gain twenty pounds and get a divorce?" And yet, sometimes that's what the new year brings. Bad stuff. Resolution is a choice, bad stuff just happens. Well, maybe not so much. Think about Tiger Woods.

This year, I resolve to not resolve. Change will happen and I hope to make good choices. But I won't be setting myself up to be disappointed in how I handle the world and all its challenges. The first change starts today as I write for all of you. In 2010, I hope to entertain, enlighten and share.

Simple ... I hope.
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