Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My Computer Is Making Me Fat!

Unfortunately, it's true. Since becoming an author and writing two series every year (stopped that for now), blogging, reading other blogs in my Google reader (I actually have a TBR pile), checking my email (every ten minutes), playing Farmville (love that app), Facebooking, Tweeting, downloading Kindle to my PC so I can read e-books...

What has happened to my butt??? I haven't been able to button or snap at my waistline for at least the last year. I have a jelly belly roll that's squishing over the top of my pants and spreading like the Blob. My zippers don't even go all the way up anymore. At first, I thought everything shrunk. No such luck. Elastic waistbands are looking really, really good for all future purchases.

I start every day with a promise to myself. I'll take breaks throughout the day. Get on the stationary bike. Do a few yoga stretches, walk on days when it isn't five degrees outside. I even brainstormed how to incorporate exercise at the computer so I wouldn't have to leave it. How pathetic is that?

But as each day progresses, the computer obsession sets in and good intentions fly away with the time. And once again, I haven't fulfilled that promise to myself.

A timer might help, something to break through the barrier between virtual reality and the real world. A buzzer to remind me to get up and move my body. But what if I'm writing a really great scene and I'm totally into it and...well...I might lose an important thread if I'm suddenly jarred out of the story.

Maybe I could use the timer at other times when I'm not writing, when I'm playing or wasting time. Yes, maybe that's the key. Then, when it goes off, I'll get up and head for the bike or work on Warrior Three. What do you think? Will it work? Because I have to come up with a plan and stick to it before I totally blimp out.
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