Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year. . .Sniff, Sneeze, Cough

I hope you folks had an enjoyable New Year's Eve. I had a fun time back in Manhattan visiting daughter Melissa. Unfotunately, I caught the virus she was nursing as a New Year's present. Nothing horrendous, just the garden variety head congestion, sore throat, and cough. Everyone on the plane returning to Colorado on New Year's Day was coughing, sneezing. . .well, you get the picture.

Thank goodness I had packed light but smart---layers to add beneath sweaters. Boy, did I need them. When I arrived at JFK, I took one of my usual routes of Air Train from Airport to train station and the Long Island Railroad, which goes right into Penn Station in downtown Manhattan. From there, it's an easy cab ride up to my daughter's apartment on the Upper West Side. Of course, it's also easy to take the shuttle van directly from the airport to the apartment.

Easy, yes. Warm, no. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to add layers in the airport, so I really felt that icy cold wind that blew through the rail station. Having grown up "Back East" in suburbs of Washington, DC with a New Yorker father, I'm well acquainted with Winter back there. It's frigid, damp, cold that penetrates all your layers, especially when the wind blows. Problem is, I forget. Colorado and the West spoils you to dry cold. Our cold is just not as "cold" as the cold I grew up in Back East. (Or, the Midwest, either. I thought I'd die in some of those Indiana winters years ago. Brrrrrr!)

New York was definitely a two-scarf town last week. I coped with the cold by using one knitted scarf around my neck beneath my coat and another knitted scarf around my neck on top of my coat. Honest. My neck is where I feel the cold. If I'm warm there, I can make it through.

But, as always, I met a lot of fun new people and had a great time. Melissa and I even had tickets for a revival of the Rogers and Hammerstein musical, "South Pacific." Boy. . .those swaying palm trees on stage looked inviting, even if they were fake.

I guess we'd better hunker down, though. Weatherman says a really nasty, frigid cold front is creeping down the States Tuesday through the next few days. Now, I finally understand why those "Snowbirds" head for warmer climes.

What about you? How are you handling these frigid temps and winter weather? Anyone else picked up a seasonal "bug"?
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