Friday, January 22, 2010

Broadway Baby

How do you feel about musicals? I can’t say exactly when I fell in love with them. I was young, though, and entranced with Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, the movie version starring Howard Keel and Jane Powell. I still adore that movie. It’s a love I’ve passed on to my daughter, who is truly the musical fan in the family.

Thanks to her joy for the genre, I’ve now seen lots of musicals. Most are movie versions like South Pacific (poor Joe!), Oklahoma, Chicago, West Side Story, Hairspray (okay I confess I think John Travolta in drag is hysterical), Funny Girl, Grease!, Mamma Mia (it’s bad but we love it) and many more, but we’ve also been lucky to see a few Broadway tour shows.

Our first live musical together was My Fair Lady (which we also own as a movie), then Lion King, Legally Blonde the Musical, and Grease!. We just got tickets to Wicked! in March and we’ll be seeing Phantom of the Opera (I think my daughter might have worn out her DVD already) in the summer.

We’re pretty much geeking out. And don’t get us started on the soundtracks and show tunes. We can sing (she’s good, unlike, ahem, me) them for hours, and she doesn’t even mind when I sing off-key. Or flat. Or sharp. I’m tone deaf, so to my ears I sound fabulous.

And even though I sound fabulous to me, I’d never, ever sing in public, unlike her, who’ll be on stage this spring for her school’s musical production. I want to say I don’t know where she gets it from, but I do know because she fell in love with it at a young age too and…

When you're in love
When you're in love
There is no way on earth to hide it
When you're in love, really in love
You simply let your heart decide it

And her heart’s chosen musicals. Okay, so now that I’ll have that song in my head all day, tell me, do you have a favorite musical or show tune?

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