Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Farmville - My New Addiction

It finally happened. I'm addicted to Farmville. I was going along minding my own business when my daughter just HAD to show me her farm. I didn't have a clue that something like this existed. It was love at first sight. Farmville is a Facebook Application so you have to sign up for Facebook to play. You build your own farm, grow vegetables (they really grow from seeds to maturity), raise animals (I love my chickens and sheep and all the barnyard sounds), establish neighbors, visit their farms, send and receive gifts like apple trees and white picket fencing....

There is something special about watching things grow while snow falls outside and temperatures plummet. I planted watermelon and grapes yesterday. They will ripe in a few days and I'll harvest them. What fun!
Granted, I'm behind on a few things, but they can wait. I'm getting my writing done, limiting time on my farm to early morning, late afternoon, weekends. I'm a functioning addict. Unless I give in to temptation and join Petville ...                                         

or Cafe World
Then I'd really be in trouble. How about you? Do you have a favorite game? Something you're addicted to? And about Farmville. Want to be neighbors?

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