Thursday, January 14, 2010

Do You Idol?

Yes, I watch American Idol. From Day One to the Finale and I think the show keeps getting better and better.
I should add a caveat here that I don’t like realty shows, so I can’t explain my obsession with Idol. I call it an obsession because I DVR the show if I can’t see it live.

I was genuinely upset when Chris Daughtry was voted off in Season Six. I was sure the show was rigged at that point. I’m still wondering….
I also wanted Adam Lambert to win last year. He was amazingly talented and so much fun to watch. I would have bet my left leg that he would win.

Guess it's a good thing I'm not a gambler.

As for the auditions, we’ve all come to expect the jokers, criers, and cursers. I’m a little bored by that angle, but I can’t wait to see Ellen. I find her delightful.

Do I miss Paula? Nope. As long as someone is sympathetic when the singers mess up, I don’t think she’s a necessity.

And I hear this will be Simon’s last season. American Idol without Simon? That’s like a writer without a cup of coffee!

Who’s your all-time favorite Idol singer?
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