Monday, January 11, 2010

Celebrities Who Abuse

Whenever a celebrity gets in trouble, I hear this refrain: we need to separate the person’s career from his or her personal life. To a point I agree. But only to a point. I’d call it my tipping point.

Charlie Sheen’s latest scandal hit my tipping point. He obviously has a problem respecting women and, in fact, is being called abusive -- for the third time apparently. For me that's a deal breaker. Three strikes and his show, THREE AND A HALF MEN, is out.

Maybe I'm not willing to separate the career from the man because the show itself has a problem respecting women. And to me, he is the show.

When the program first aired, I thought it was amusing. Mainly, I liked the kid. And the housekeeper. Because of them, I tolerated Charlie’s constant hunt for nubile women. But as the show aged, I got really, really sick of seeing every female portrayed as either a young, busty bubble brain in skimpy clothing or an older, bitchy, self-centered woman. Who are these writers, for heaven's sake? Fifteen-year-old males with mother issues and infantile sexual fantasies?

I intensely disliked that Charlie’s, and later his brother’s, life revolved around which next impossibly willing and incredibly dumb young woman would be in his bed, not to mention the horrendous role model they portrayed for the budding young teen in their care. This past season, I saw the show once, only because I was a guest in someone’s home, but I'm assuming the theme hasn't changed. It's about sex -- or a lack thereof.

So it’s no big deal for me to give up the show. But I wonder how many other people will call it quits because of Charlie’s alleged treatment of women. Or, as one TV commentator predicted, will he once again be Mr. Teflon? Will fans continue to love him? Will the law go easy on him? Will women be drawn to him no matter what?

What’s your take on celebrities who abuse? We’ve seen quite a few examples lately. Do you have a tipping point? Can you separate the celeb from his misdeeds? I’d like to know.
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