Thursday, December 3, 2009

White or Colored Lights

The question has been debated since the invention of electricity.

Okay, not for that long, but I do think the heat between neighbors, couples, and even parents and children over which lights to choose. As an adult, I’ve committed to white lights – on the Christmas tree and outdoors, but my kids have begged my to cross over to the rainbow side and this year, I relented. A little.

Inside, all is white. White candles in the window, white lights on the mantel garland, and white lights on the tree. Outside, we’ve mixed it up. In fact, I think we’ve created a work of art: a shooting star with a tail created with all sorts of different shapes and colored lights. (I’ll post a photo when it gets dark tonight. I would have taken on last night but there was way too much rain to get a clear shot).

Even the star is unusual. It’s got a three-way setting that is reminiscent of an “Eat at Joe’s” neon sign.

What about you? Which side are you on when it comes to the Great Lights Debate?

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