Friday, December 4, 2009

The Problem With Passwords

I have so many passwords and User IDs I can barely keep them straight. Actually, I can't. I finally had to start writing them all down.

I have over thirty password accounts to remember. Everything from Blogger to Yahoo to Facebook, GoodReads, B&N book clubs. Never mind online ordering accounts like Best Buy and Amazon. Then there are the RWA passwords, MWA, SinC. And I have five email accounts.

It's no wonder I can't remember them all!

And yes, I could use the same password for everything, but supposedly that's a big techno no-no. And those little boxes that automatically keep you logged in? I don't use those either.

But I don't think I'm alone in my password forgetfulness. In fact, there are now password organizers flooding the market. Take a look at these over at Amazon.

Though I have to question the safety of having all your passwords laying around in a handy-dandy little notebook, I'd also have to question my sanity if I didn't write them all down. I guess there has to be a compromise in there somewhere. An inconspicuous notebook, maybe.

Do you have a great memory? Or have you started writing them all down too?
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