Tuesday, December 1, 2009

"Name the Mystery" Contest

Attention all Cozy Chicks fans and friends: I'm running a "Name the Mystery" contest on my website http://www.maggiesefton.com/.

You have the chance to name a future Kelly Flynn Knitting Mystery. I will choose five mystery title suggestions from all the submitted entries. You may submit multiple titles with one entry. To submit, simply email me with your title suggestion(s) at maggie@maggiesefton.com. The contest will run until January 6, 2010.

The five winners will each receive an autographed set of all seven of the Kelly Flynn Knitting Mysteries, which I will ship to your U.S. address. All five winning title suggestions have a chance to actually be used as a title for an upcoming Kelly Flynn mystery, subject to editor approval, of course.

Advice on creating a title: The Kelly Flynn mysteries involve murder and knitting or fiber arts. So, every title should have something that hints at that connection. Look at past Kelly Flynn mystery titles for clues as to how to put that connection together: KNIT ONE, KILL TWO; NEEDLED TO DEATH; A DEADLY YARN; A KILLER STITCH; DYER CONSEQUENCES; DROPPED DEAD STITCH; and the upcoming June 2010 release, SKEIN OF THE CRIME.

I announced the contest in my website newsletter last week and have already received many, many entries. And, I want to make sure Cozy Chicks friends have a chance to join in the fun, too. I'm excited to see the new title suggestions. Good luck to everyone!
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