Wednesday, December 9, 2009

2010 Reading Challenges

By Deb

Over at my personal blog I'm talking books for the entire month of December. Buying them, reading them, gifting them. And I'm walking the walk. Everyone on my shopping list is getting a book this year. And I'm going out of my way to support the indies and libraries (they need to keep their circulation numbers up, too, if they want government funding), and I've even downloaded the free version of Kindle to my PC so I can read stories that are available only as e-books.

That means a ton of reading is coming up for me. As my daughter would say, sweet. 2010 promises to be an exciting year, because I love living inside my head. Well, doesn't that sound a bit crazy, but as readers you know exactly what I mean.

And next year, for the very first time, I'm participating in a reading challenge. Over at J.Kaye's Book Blog I had so many reading challenge choices my head was spinning. Here are only a few of the challenges you can sign up for there - Young Adult, E-book, Audio, 100+, Support Your Library, Suspense and Thriller, Stephanie Plum.....the list went on and on.

But you'll never guess what I did instead. Talk about moving outside my comfort zone. I went over to War Through the Generations and signed up to read books about the Vietnam war. I'm doing the easiest challenge - 5 books in 2010, and I've made a list of potential reads that is up at my blog.

How about you? Are you gifting books this season? Are you going to challenge your reading choices next year? Try a genre that's new to you? Personally, I'd love to read an erotica. Maybe I'll download one to my PC.
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