Monday, November 2, 2009

Oh No! Not ---- (Drum roll please)– the FLU!!

When I was a kid, getting the flu every year was as normal as having a cold. We’d get a sudden fever, puke for a day or two, shake like a leaf under a mountain of blankets, and emerge a bit pale but still raring to go. Nowadays, there seems to be this mindset that the flu MUST BE AVOIDED – especially the swine flu – I mean the “H1N1" flu, which, according to the hype, is TERRIBLE. It kills people!

You know what? The seasonal flu kills people, too. Lots of people. Tens of thousands a year. So what’s so special about the H1N1? It’s just a virus -- something our immune systems are built to deal with – sometimes by puking those little bugs out.

So what’s behind this big push to scare us into getting a vaccine? To keep us from dying from a “flu RELATED death?” Like the way I’m related to one of the eleventh century kings of Ireland? So if I end up in the hospital due to dehydration from the flu and then catch something going around the hospital – or even worse, because of medical malpractice, does that count? You bet.

What about the dangerous levels of mercury and squalene in the vaccines? Did you know the pharmaceutical companies are protected by our government from any lawsuits arising from serious illnesses caused by the vaccines? And yet they are pushing pregnant women to be injected with those toxins. Seriously.

You just know what’s coming, don’t you? Vaccines for colds. Ear aches. Sprains. Sneezes. Fear of flying. If you’ve got it, they’ll invent a vaccine for it. Mark my words. It’s about money.

As I traveled in Europe this summer, a Greek tour guide made a joke about our fear of the swine flu. She said, “Next year they will come out with a vaccine for the alien flu, you know, from outer space.” She thought that was quite funny. Actually, I did, too. At the same time, it exemplified how they view us – as suckers who depend on big pharma to protect us from what our bodies already know how to deal with. Know what people all over Europe are being told to do to avoid the swine flu? Wash their hands, get plenty of sleep, eat veggies, and take Vitamin D. Trouble is, there’s not much money to be made in that.

This is Kate, on a rant, signing off. Stay well!
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