Friday, November 6, 2009

Life's Backdrop

I was looking over my son's shoulder the other day while he was on Facebook, visually eavesdropping, which drives him nuts, but satisfies my need to snoop. He was visiting his friend's page, and that friend's profile picture was of him and his date at the recent homecoming dance. They made a cute couple, but what really struck me at the moment was the pose.

They were standing in front of the fireplace.

I can't tell you how many pictures we have of our family in front of our fireplace. Every big event has been captured with us in front of the bricks, the mantel. From baptism pictures to Christmas card pictures, to first days of school, first dances, awards, graduation. The fireplace is definitely one of our go-to backdrops for picture taking.

And it's not something new. When my husband and I were dating, we had senior prom pictures taken in front of my parents' fireplace. Some of our wedding photos were taken in front of his parents' fireplace.

What is it about fireplaces?

Though I have to confess, our front porch, in recent years, is vying for the top picture taking spot. Especially in the summer when the flowers are in bloom. It's just a nice little place to capture a moment in time. I've even had author pictures taken out there.

The son I was peeking on has yet to go to a prom or homecoming, but I'm sure when he does, we'll be in front of that fireplace...

Do you have a favorite backdrop? Is it, by any chance, the fireplace?

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