Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Last week was a bit of a challenge. I'm writing busily away on this new 1890 Washington DC mystery, but stuff kept slowing me down. Every morning from Monday through Friday was consumed with business-type stuff. None of it was writing business, strangely. It was everyday-world type business. Mostly for me. But I even had to take care of a situation that impacted my elderly mom's finances, as well. Of course, all this time spent "taking care of business" so to speak was frustrating, because it seriously cut into my writing time. And you all know how cranky we novelists can get when our writing time is infringed upon.

One task that took a little over two hours last week was changing an airline reservation. I'd never had to do that online before, and it was time-consuming. Of course, I was changing both return date and return city I'd be flying out of. Sufficiently confusing for even the software, so I wound up having to use the 800 number to make sure my tickets were changed correctly. AND, that's not mentioning price. Oh, yeah. I had to pay an airline change fee, a website change fee, and the price differential. A little over $300 in total. Hefty enough, but nothing like the cost of trying to add a flight to and from Denver to WashingtonDC (Dulles) during Thanksgiving week. Those flights on every website were horrendous in cost. Of course, that's due to the proximity of the approaching Thanksgiving holiday.

My original flight took me to New York City Friday, Nov. 20th to visit my daughter Melissa and do a "Book Party" while there. Afterwards, I was scheduled to fly back to Colorado on Monday, Nov. 23rd. I've never tried to change a flight around a holiday before, but this time it was very important. I'd just learned that all four of my daughters would be at daughter Christine's house in Northern Virginia (Fairfax) for Thanksgiving. Since the youngest daughter Maria has been an officer with the US Navy for nine years until recently, her Thanksgivings have been spent all over the globe--literally. This is a special time. It's been TEN YEARS since I've been together with all four of my girls at Thanksgiving. So, there was no way I was going to miss it.

It took over two hours but I did it. I changed my return flight to late Friday night, Nov 27th flying out of Washington Dulles airport back to Colorado after I've spent a great Thanksgiving with my girls and lots of family. Meanwhile, I'll just huddle up and write in daughter Melissa's NYC apt on the days preceeding holiday. I'll have Sid the cat and lots of hot tea. Plus, I even get to use use Melissa's gym to work out in the mornings. Melissa and I will travel to Washington, DC, the Wednesday before turkey day. Works for me!

There was a treat at the end of the week, though. Last Saturday I had a great booksigning at the "real" Lambspun fiber shop here in Fort Collins. The owner, Shirley, was having one of her great Holiday sales, and the shop was full of people. Lots of fun. I love meeting new people. In fact, I stayed longer than planned because I kept meeting such great people.

What kind of interruptions have you had this week? Good ones or challenges?
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