Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Having Fun

I had a lot of fun last week. Different kinds of fun. First, I arrived home in time for the BIG snowstorm that rolled into Colorado. Due to hit last Wednesday. So, Tuesday, while out doing errands I made sure to buy some of the last of the butternut squash and some apples and other stuff to cook while I holed up with the doggies.

Well, snowstorm came right on schedule, actually started when I was driving home Tuesday night from the regular Lambspun knitting shop Tuesday night sitting around the table with various fiber projects and talking. Lots of talking. Also, sampling whatever treats people brought in. When I left, there was already a nasty snow and rain mix coming down fast. Changed to snow middle of the night and we all awoke to at least four inches of snow Wednesday morning. And that was just the beginning. It snowed all day Wednesday, all night Wednesday, and all day Thursday, not stopping until late Thursday afternoon. I measured my table on the back patio where I always watch snow accumulate and there were 18 inches. Yep. My neighbor had tried to clear driveways on Wednesday, only to have to do it again on Thursday. Bless his heart. He got some homemade applesauce.

Meanwhile, doggies had a great time bounding about in snow that was up to Max's chest and Katie's chin. And I had a great time making butternut squash soup and applesauce with spices. Yum. Makes hunkering down during a snowstorm fun. Plus, I got to sit with my laptop and write while it snowed. That was actually fun. And it was a lot of fun to watch ALL of that snow melt on Friday. Well, almost all. Friday did what Colorado always does after a big storm. Sunshine comes out strong and brings temps back to 45 degrees and all those inches and inches of snow start to melt. Fun to watch, and convenient, too, because I had an appointment at 12 noon. And errands to run.

Saturday, I had more fun at my booksigning at the Fort Collins Barnes & Noble for my latest, DROPPED DEAD STITCH. It's always fun to meet new readers and greet readers who've become friends. I'm overwhelmingly grateful for the reader response which kept DROPPED DEAD on the B&N Hardcover Mystery Bestseller list for five months. Thank you, everyone!

This signing was made even more fun because all the bookstore staff were dressed in Halloween costumes as were some of the customers. And--they had a costume parade where I was supposed to choose the winner. Now, that was hard, especially after one contestant dressed as Luciano Pavarotti serenaded me. Honest. But I finally went with the great twosome who came dressed as Anthony & Cleopatra. In real life, Gary Nelson and Marissa Garnica. See above photos.

Halloween night was finished off with giving away candy to neighborhood kids then going to a friend's Halloween party till midnight.

How did you spend Halloween? Trick or treating with your kids? Hiding in a darkened basement watching tv and the doorbell rang? Going to a party?
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