Thursday, October 15, 2009

When I'm Not Writing

I took a week off.


An entire week.

I didn’t write a thing. Not a blog entry, a plot outline, or even a personal check. As Maggie mentioned in a previous post, I needed to refill the well.

Like Maggie, I love movies. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen anything really good lately and have gleaned no inspiration from the silver screen. I’ve read some wonderful books including Louise Penny’s The Brutal Telling but I needed something beyond the realm of books to get some creative restoration so I revisited an art form I haven’t even thought about for over five years: folk art style painting.

For a short period in my late twenties, I was a folk art dealer and sold paintings, carvings, and pottery crafted by untrained artists. Every now and then I’d do a painting too. Mostly, these were of biblical or patriotic themes and were very simple and brightly colored.

I decided to make a few paintings during my week off to give away during future talks or signings for Stirring Up Strife, the first in my Hope Street Church mystery series. Here are a few photos of what these paintings look like.

What’s your hobby? What activity do you turn to when you need restoration?

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