Thursday, October 8, 2009

That's Some Gourd!

I took my daughter to this chic grocery store nearby. You’ve probably got a similar store in your neck of the woods – a cozy space with the tranquil music, carts too small to hold a baby seat, and a florist display that rivals the centerpieces at royal weddings.

So my daughter (she’s 3) goes barreling through the front doors on a straight course for the pumpkin display. After selecting the two most expensive pieces of rib eye steaks beyond the serving plates at Morton’s, I agreed to get her a pumpkin. Big mistake.

She picked a medium-sized gourd. That wasn’t the problem. The stem was firmly attached and the overall shape was round and pleasing. One look at this pumpkin and you wanted to give it a good rub. It was the price that killed me. $14 for a pumpkin! 

When did this happen? When did pumpkins stop being, say, $2 and start costing $14? I tried to tell the cashier that we weren’t going to get the pumpkin after all when my daughter decided that she would throw a Grade A, earth-shaking tantrum if I went back on my promise to get her a pumpkin. I ended up trading in the big one for a miniature version and she settled for the trade as long as it included a lollipop (staggeringly priced at $3.99).

Once again, I purchased a candy bribe and made my escape, hoping that no one could read my vanity plate and think, “Didn’t I see her kid misbehaving at Target the other day?”

I had always thought it would be such fun to shop at a trendy, gourmet food store where they served coffee samples and had more varieties of cheese than college football teams, but I think I need to hit the bestseller list before I go back. 

The leads me to a question: What is the one food you’d spend a knowingly high dollar amount to get? For me, it’s fresh strawberries or a seven-layer cake from a good German bakery in the NY area. Worth every dime. What about you?
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