Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Poisoned Pen Webcon

Deb On October 24th, I'm participating in a virtual mystery convention sponsored by Poisoned Pen. From 9 am - 5 pm central time, and for only $25 you can join me. Guests of honor are Lee Child and Dana Stabenow. There will be over 20 panels and 20 presentations by authors like Barbara Peters, Laurie King, and Nevada Barr, and others like well,

If you have a manuscript ready to go, you can pitch to an editor, and everyone gets goody bags!

How does it work? Some of the panels will be in text format, some will be taped/video recorded ahead of time and shown through you tube or listened to on blog talk radio right from the website. Some will be live and streaming.

Pp logo The best part is no travel expenses and you can stay in your pjs all day. Isn't technology getting wild!! I'm running as fast as I can to keep up.

Check it out at Poisoned Pen Webcon.
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