Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween Costumes - Made or Bought?

When I was a young mom (read: one child, career on hold), I made the decision to bypass the store-bought costumes (with those cheap masks that cracked and broke and made me sweat) that I'd had to wear as a child, in favor of the homemade variety.

So I took a white sheet, cut eye-holes in it, glued black felt around the outside of those holes, draped it over my four-year-old's little body and cut it off at the ankle. It was even roomy enough for a coat underneath. Perfecto, I thought. Well, almost.

Okay, not even close.

I didn't allow for little feet that might get caught up in all the folds of the sheet as he walked up and down porch steps. I also didn't allow for the loose sheet shifting away from his eyes as he grabbed the folds to hold them up so he could traverse those treacherous steps. It was a total disaster. He couldn't walk for all the material, and he couldn't see anyway. I ended up giving him the candy I'd bought for our trick-or-treaters.

I got smart after that. I used actual patterns for the costumes, and if I may say so, I made some really cool ones. A pirate, a clown, Peter Pan, a witch, a black panther, and more, all of which my daughter wore several years later. The costumes even got handed down to nephews. I really enjoyed those Halloweens.

Nowadays, I barely have time to dash out to buy the candy. Deadline coming up fast and I'm not finished with the book. AACK. But my children still love Halloween, and I'm convinced one reason is that they felt AWESOME. Not that I'm proud or anything.

How about you? Have you ever made a costume or are you strictly off-the-rack? Do you get into costume yourself?

Happy Halloween!

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