Thursday, October 22, 2009

Getting Cozy With Mickey Mouse

Right now, I’m in Disneyworld.

I’m probably in line for the It’s A Small Word After All ride. Last year, my son wanted to ride it six times in a row. Somehow, I didn’t mind. The message never really gets old, you know?

Now that he’s six, he’ll be more interested in Space Mountain and the other thrill rides, but this year we’re taking my daughter for the first time and she’s princess crazy. As I was a tomboy growing up, her penchant for pink and for glittery tiaras is baffling.

Still, I’ve booked a Princess lunch for Friday because I’m dying to take a picture of her little face when she sees her beloved cartoon characters in the flesh.

My favorite Disney character? Belle (because she’s a reader) and Mulan because she knows Kung Fu.

Do you have a Disney fav?

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