Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Filled up with Fall

It's always great to return home to Colorado, no matter where I've been traveling. This last trip look me into Indiaina for a conference plus a visit with old friends. Then, I headed East to visit family and friends. Last week, I waxed poetic about the gorgeous autumn display I savored in Indiana. Well, my visit back to Northern Virginia where I grew up and my daughter and her family live and work was also filled with color.

Thanks to my travels, I think I'm filled up with Fall. Great timing, because I arrived late last night (that's why this post is delayed) and learned this morning that a new storm front is moving across the West and will hit Colorado late tonight---bringing snowy rain mix and cold temps down in 30's. I guess my instinct about Old Man Winter chasing Fall into the bushes early this year was right. All the flowers were killed off in our October 8th six inch snowfall and 16 degrees temps. Plus, all the pretty leaves started curling up and dropping to the ground. I took a good look outside this morning in the light and saw the bare tree limbs. Leaves all over the ground. And it isn't even November yet.

Guess I'd better pull my winter coat out of the closet. Are YOU ready for an early winter?
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