Saturday, September 19, 2009


Lorna One of the most fun gifts to give (and get) is a gift basket.  Not one of those assembled and in some factory in China, but one that is put together with items selected just for you.

As is happens, I just LOVE to assemble these kinds of gift baskets.  Unfortunately, my "give-to Christmas List" has gotten smaller over the years.  (Bummer.)

Basket1 But last year at the Malice Domestic Conference I was taken by all the wonderful charity gift baskets that were put up for auction.  Mind you, it wasn't the first time I'd noticed them, and in fact, I'd done at least one (two?) for the charity auctions for Writers Plot.  It contained our books and a few trinkets that went along with our books.  I think it got $150 (but I could be wrong).

So many of the little charity baskets were filled with (yes, books) and wonderful little tea-for-one pots/cups, tea, coffee, candies, cookies, bath and body products, and were utterly charming.  I decided right there and then that I would do a basket for 2010.

I have a new series debuting in 2011 and I figured Malice might be the place to get some buzz going for it.  I would do a basket for the Victoria Square Books.  So I started collecting items.  In no time, I had enough things accumulated for the basket.  Uh . . . then two baskets.

ME_picture_frames That was so much fun, I thought maybe I should do one for my Booktown Mysteries, so I started collecting things for that (focusing on sisters--since Tricia and Angelica, and their relationship, are integral to the plots).  Then I thought it might be fun to do a Nancy Drew basket.  How about a Rex Stout basket?  And maybe one for Agatha Christie, too.  Suddenly I had a HUGE box filled with stuff that can go in these charity baskets (and I got baskets for everything to go in, too).  The problem now is . . . the conference isn't until April 30th, 2010.

I can't tell you how much fun I've had on my hunt for cool stuff.  And I hope that several people at the conference will have fun with one (or more) or my baskets.

What would you like to see in such a basket?

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