Monday, September 7, 2009

Suitcase Challenged

Vacation time is coming up and I’m starting to make a list of everything I need – which is a lot of stuff. Shoes, alone, could take up one bag. When I have to plan for a lot of walking days in both a fall and summer climate, some hot days in tour buses, a few dressy evenings, more casual-dressy events – well, you can see four pairs of shoes right there.

And then there are the toiletries. AAACK. Even with small bottles of hair spray, mousse, face creams, and make-up, not to mention the tools, they eat up a lot of space. I have a big hanging cosmetics travel bag that will be filled to the brim, and impossible to find things in.

So this year I’m really downsizing. I bought the travel bottle kit filled with all shapes of small containers and have come up with a system of identifying them. I’m going color-coded. I have colored labels and I’m going to assign a color to different categories, such as: Hair. Face. Eyes. So when I reach for one of those teensy jars, I’ll know it’s my eye cream, not the hair silk – unless I forget what color goes with which body part. It could happen!

And then there are all the clothes to go with all those above mentioned events. I tried to go with one basic color scheme so I can use the same shoes for various outfits, but I never seem to pack as smart as I could. Either I bring too few items or too many, or the weather changes and I end up buying a sweatshirt somewhere that goes with nothing. And trying to squeeze them into one large bag and one small carry-on? Torture time. I guess you could say I’m suitcase challenged.

So please, if you have any great packing tips, share them here. Because I could really use some help.

Kate, sweating the small stuff
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