Monday, September 28, 2009

Prisoners on a Plane

I’ve got a trip coming up and I’m worried. Too many horror stories of late about people being trapped inside those hot metal tubes for hours – many hours – all night in a few instances – with no food or water and full toilets, make me nervous. Imagine if you had young children with you. Imagine if you ran out of formula or diapers early on. Imagine getting sick to your stomach. What if you were diabetic and went into a diabetic shock from lack of food? What if you thought you were having a heart attack? Would the crew be able to get you off or would that be banned, too?

We were stuck at O’Hare for eight hours once, which was bad enough, but at least we had access to food, water, and toilets! And if we’d gotten sick, we could have gone home. Not so inside a plane.

Because the airlines failed to regulate themselves, there is legislation in congress now to limit the time people have to wait. The bill is for four hours, which to me still seems too long. I think it should be two, max. I know, I know. A shortage of gates makes it tough to get a bunch of planes back once they push away, but you know what? Tough! Don’t push away if there is a good chance the plane can’t take off. They have to know the weather is dicey before they break the connection. So don’t go!

Have you ever been stuck on the tarmac? Or in an airport? Do you think legislation is needed?

Kate, not ready for take off
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