Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Odds & Ends

It's almost 8:30 pm and I'm about to drive out to Denver's airport tonight to catch a JetBlue red-eye (i.e. overnight) flight Back East. Landing in Washington Dulles airport. After a quick change of clothes (I'm a master at changing in airport bathroom stalls), I'm off to get my rental car and hit the road. First stop---in the words of my knitting mysteries sleuth, Kelly Flynn---"Coffee, coffee, coffee. . ." Then, I'm off to Washington DC and the libraries for research on this new mystery series. Since I already blogged about that last week, I won't repeat myself. So---I'm going to just mention a few odds & ends that I forgot to include in a blog post.

Still loving, loving being outside during the day and at night, especially when I'm out with friends. Cafes, coffee shops, whatever. Last Friday night, I was out with two other gals at one of Fort Collins' cafes, Austen's, enjoying the food and wine and the luscious summer night. We must have laughed the entire 2+ hours we were there, sitting outside. So much so, one guy stopped by our table as he and his wife were leaving and said: "You guys are having way too much fun." :) Is that even possible? Not in my life. There's always room for more fun.

And lastly, two weeks ago I had an invitation from the Denver NBC TV affiliate to join them for one of their popular morning shows, Colorado & Company. Great folks there at Channel 9. I was there to promote my latest Kelly Flynn mystery out in June, DROPPED DEAD STITCH, but the host and I managed to talk about murdering people and real estate. Turns out he worked at as real estate agent in Denver as I did. Small world. We both joked about the business. The 8-minute time slot whizzed by and I was reminded how much I enjoy doing those kinds of publicity gigs. This was the 2nd year they invited me, and I really hope I get to come another time. It was great fun. And I discovered last year that the way to keep from being nervous in front of the camera is focus in on the hosts and forget the camera is even there. You're just having a great conversation with friendly people. Fun!

I hope everyone had a great Labor Day Weekend. What did you guys do?
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