Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mom To The Rescue

My son's car was towed from a street in Milwaukee. Imagine how he must have felt when he walked out to the curb and car! At that point, he wasn't thinking 'towed', he was sure it had been stolen. 

So guess who got the frantic phone call? Yup. Me.

It took half the day to walk him through the most obvious steps, beginning with CALL THE POLICE.

Turns out he parked 13 feet away instead of the required 15 from something or other. And he had outstanding parking tickets because the street sweeper comes through on one side of the street on the first Friday of the month and on the other side the third Friday of the month and he can't keep them straight, so he parks on the wrong side.

Let's see - towing $94.00, three tickets around $35 each, and we're talking almost 200 bucks.

And of course, he was short of cash and guess who had to help him out so he could get to his college classes and to work? Yup. Me.
Why is it that my kids have to get into impossible jams they've created themselves? Why do they have to learn everything the hard way, just like I did (strike that last comment)?

And why don't they even try to handle these situations on their own instead of instantly picking up the phone and calling a parent?
I tell you, I'm ready to give up my supermom cape. I'm ready to stop answering their calls. Almost.

The problem might be that, with all this new technology, parents have become too accessible.

Are we raising a bunch of kids who are incapable of working through their own problems?
Okay. I feel better now.

End of rant.

To continue the saga. Since posting this, my son called with a "problem". Someone fell asleep at the wheel and slammed into his parked car. No one was injured. Except the vehicles. Son's car is totaled. Guess who he called for help? Yup. Sigh.
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