Thursday, September 10, 2009

I'm THAT Mom!

I never thought it would be me. I was a teacher, for crying out loud! I know how kids operate!

The first day of school means "the jitters." It can mean tears too. Kids cling to legs and have to pried off like lethal parasites. They attempt to cajole, manipulate, and feign illness in order to stay at home. Their haven. Their sanctuary. (The place in which, at any other time, they'd claim to be miserably bored).

I've seen all these tactics before. For years.

So how do I end up with the child, who, up until last week, loved school. She loved everything about school. Art, music, listening to stories, running wild on the playground, her friends, her teachers. And she's only 3 and a half!

Now, I'm getting the phone calls. The ones in which the teacher asks me if she's had a tummy ache at home (no, she ate like a horse this morning), if she has issues eating (only if you call eating like a horse an issue), if she's resistant to change (no, she usually leaps into new situations with bells on).

I've held her hand into her class, sat with her at lunch, had long talks with her, and have struggled so hard to turn away when those beautiful, round hazel eyes fill with tears. I haven't slept well in two weeks. I'm three weeks behind on a book due in...yep, three weeks.

I know this will pass, but right now, I don't want to be THAT mom. I want my girl to go skipping down the halls of learning, waving happily to me as she reaches out to join hands with a friend.

Anyone else have back-to-school stress?
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