Thursday, September 3, 2009

Homeopathic Treatments

I enjoy those medical documentaries in which teams of doctors try to diagnose and treat a medical riddle.

We've had a pair of those in my household this week and I have just returned from Whole Foods, where I bought some homeopathic medicines in order to treat one of my kids.

Two weeks ago, my son developed this bizarre throat clearing noise. He makes this noise all day long and claims that his throat is scratchy, but he has no other symptoms. The pediatrician said it was an allergy and gave us Singular. Didn't work. Neither did children's Claritan or anything else. A friend, a GP, suggested acid reflux, but other than TUMS (which I don't find very effective) no one makes antacids for kids.

What did Whole Foods have to offer? Papaya Extract to ease digestion and Hyland's allergy tablets for kids. He's already better since I gave him these remedies and even though I'll take him to another doctor next week, I am glad to the brief respite.

I've noticed that I tend to turn to homeopathic remedies once the regular, well-known drugs don't work. I have often had success with these "old" and "pure" medications than with the CVS kind.

Have you ever turned to natural remedies?
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