Tuesday, September 15, 2009

City Snippets

Sorry to be late. As I mentioned last week, I'm in the midst of traveling. I usually post late night Monday night, but last night I was speaking at the Newington, CT public library (outside Hartford) and didn't get to my friend's house in Stamford until after 11:00pm. So----I decided to go to bed and post Tuesday morning. Otherwise, there would probably be a long line of zzzzzzzzzzzzzz's across the blog page.

That used to happen years ago when I'd be writing novels late at night ater family was asleep (and I wanted to be). But, it was the only time to write when you're working and raising a family all day. Nights are your main writing time.

The Lucy Robbins Welles library in Newington is a great place. They've done a wonderful job preseserving the original 1939 library building by incorporating it into the new library building, complete with atrium. Lots of light and good vibe all around. And---it was filled with people on a Monday evening. They've had a busy summer with over 1000 people a day coming in. I love it.
I met some great people and enjoyed speaking to their group that evening.

Backing up a little, I arrived in Washington Dulles airport early Tuesday morning last week. After spending four days in WashDC's MLK Library (downtown) doing more research on this historical mystery series set in 1890 Washington (and frolicking with family at night), I flew up to Manhattan early Saturday morning to have the whole weekend with daughter Melissa. Melissa and I enjoy roaming around New York City on the weekends, stopping by the various street fairs. There's always a street fair going on in the city. Saturday we hit the one up Broadway on 110th Street, right next to Columbia University. Always fun to stroll through.

Of course, we also find nice cafes to have a "sit-down" with some wine and cheese or a crepe. We also caught a late night flic on the Bader-Meinhof group in Germany during the late '60's & early '70's. Boy---talk about a Blast from the Past. All that news footage brought back a lot of those memories of violence from that period.

Sunday, we went into the Little Italy section of New York, near the Village and SoHo, for the beginning of their 10-day Feast of San Gennaro. More vendors, more cafes, and more wine. Very Italian and lots of fun. Now, Tuesday 9/15, I'm in Connecticut with another writer friend, Diane Cohen, and will take the Metro-North commuter train back to Manhattan late this afternoon so I'll be back by the time Melissa comes home from work. Who knows where we'll be going tonight.

When's the last time you went to a street festival?
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