Friday, August 28, 2009

What's Your Sign?

My birthday is in a couple of days, which if you're into astrology, means I'm a Virgo. And though I have a lot of Virgo tendencies, others seemed to have skipped me altogether.

For example:

shy -- definitely

naive -- rarely

conservative --definitely

reserved - -definitely

independent- definitely (but at times am also, oddly, somewhat co-dependent!)

introspective-- always (wish I could shut my mind off sometimes)

charming -- every once in a great while

cheerful --I try

agreeable -- almost always

honest --sometimes painfully so

loyal --sometimes to a fault (sometimes leads to getting hurt)

self-sacrificing --definitely

determined-- depends

clean freak -- somewhat (my husband can stop laughing)

perfectionist --sometimes

emotionally secretive -- almost always

problem solver -- definitely

organized -- hahahahahaha. I try. I really do.

hard-working -- depends

practical -- sometimes

modest -- definitely

cautious -- to a fault

choosy -- definitely

overly critical -- more often than not

worrier -- every waking second (and sometimes when I sleep, too)

I'd also add sensitive to that list, though I didn't find it listed as a specific trait anywhere. Maybe it falls under "emotionally secretive." I did find this, which about sums it up: "People don't realize how sensitive you are and how your feelings can be hurt, even if you don't show it."

And somewhere in my research of Virgos I read that Virgos will procrastinate (me!) because they fear whatever task they're undertaking will not be perfect. Aha! So now I have an excuse. I knew there was one out there that would explain that particular (annoying) trait of mine.

So today I'm asking What's Your Sign? And can you relate to the traits attributed to it? Here's a website if you want to find your sign's characteristics:

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