Monday, August 31, 2009

Travelling Again

No, I'm not on the road yet, but I will be next week. I'm leaving next week for a three-legged trip. I'm going to WashDC/NoVa area first to do some research on this other mystery series I'm writing between now and the end of the year. Since this mystery is set in Washington, DC during 1890, I needed to return to my favorite library haunts of years past when I wrote a great big historical saga set in Washington, DC in 1886--1890.

The main library in DC is the Martin Luther King Library, or "MLK" as everyone calls it. When I was growing up, it was called simply "Central Library." Located a few blocks away from this present site, it was a big white limestone building with columns which matched the other massive and impressive historical buildings in the Capital City. Of course, the grandparents in the area used to remind us young ones that the library had another name originally. It was the Carnegie Library. Named after Andrew Carnegie, the steel magnate who endowed so many libraries across our nation.

Anyway---I plan to reasearch in Washington's wonderful library all day and spend evenings with my daughter Christine and family. Combining business with pleasure. Then, on Sat, 9/12, I'm off to New York City to visit daughter Melissa and----do some more book business. I've been invited to be the guest speaker at a Hartford, CT area library on Monday evening, 9/14. The Lucy Robbins Welles Library in Newington, CT, right outside Hartford.

I just love libraries. And librarians. They're some of my favorite people. Having spent over a decade of my writing career writing historical novels, I lived in the libraries for months at a time. And there's no computer software system ever invented that can compete with a knowledgable librarian. Their help is invaluable. Love them.

That's why I enjoyed signing at the Penguin (my publisher) booth in Chicago last July at the American Library Assoc. annual convention. There were thousands of librarians there. Everywhere. Boy, that made me happy, just looking at all of them having a great time.

I'll bet Lucy Robbins Welles of CT felt the same way. She must have loved libraries a lot. I'll make sure I find out about Lucy while I'm there at their library that night----speaking to my favorite people.

What are some of your fave library memories?
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