Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Summer Stories

It's true. Summer is almost "officially" over. Mid-August already. It's hard to believe. Even though this summer has been more Spring-like than typical Summer, I've revelled in the beautiful weather by being outside as much as possible.

Summer flowers are flourishing despite the brutal hailstorm mid-June which beat all the blooms off my blooming annuals. They were just two-inch green stubs afterwards. But---they kept on growing and by mid-July were flowering again. Now---mid-August, they are lush once again. Even though Puppy Max (no longer really a puppy at 12 months) managed to thwart all attempts to put hanging flower pots on my backyard patio.

I think I told you folks how Max managed to knock down my hanging pots (hanging from crooked wire plant hangers). I'd return home and find the flowers on the ground, sans pot, but intact. Meanwhile, Super Max had eaten half the plastic pot. He did that three times. Okay. . .I kept hoping it was a one-time thing. Nope.

Ohhhhh. . .did I tell you that Max-Marley ate my patio umbrella? Honest. It was sitting in its iron stand and had been for two weeks, unmolested by Super Max/Super Mouth. I always pushed the iron stand beside the house and closed the umbrella when finished. I thought it was safe. Silly me. I came home one night mid-July after some evening thundershowers (with accompanying winds) and found the umbrella lying on its side on the patio, iron stand overturned. I went to turn it upright and saw where Max had chewed the top part of the umbrella so there was no longer enough fabric to hold onto the umbrella prongs or metal thingies or whater you call them. The rest of the umbrella just slipped down the prongs because nothing held it to the top.

It was unsalvageable, so it went into the trash. In light of Max the Mouth, I decided to wait until next summer to buy another one. I'll see if the puppy chewing phase has moderated by then. I'll also try some more hanging pots. I'll keep you posted.

What are some of your summer stories?
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