Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Top Ten Gadget List

As I was pouring my second cup of coffee this morning, I felt a rush of gratitude toward my coffee machine. It brews before I’m even awake and keeps 10 cups of coffee warm until mid afternoon.

Our grandparents grew up brewing coffee the hard way and I am so glad to be the recipient of some inventor’s ingenuity. I just couldn’t wait half an hour for that first cup of morning coffee! This got me thinking: What other small appliances or gadgets do I cherish? Here’s my top ten:

1.   Coffee machine (reasons covered)

2.   Hair dryer – I hate being cold and it would be miserable to go outside in the winter with wet hair

3.  Electric toothbrush – I’ve had cavity issues (you’re not surprised – you know how much I love sugary treats!) but since I’ve been using my Sonic Care, my teeth have been decay-free.

4.  Cuisinart – It does so much work so quickly!

5.  Kindle – I can take dozens of books with me everywhere and I love the Dictionary feature.

6.  Digital Camera – Again with the instant gratification. I can edit, print, and share photos moments after they were taken

7.  Mini Spot Cleaner – Two kids, three cats, and a wine-drinking husband? This little carpet machine has saved me hundreds in carpet cleaning bills.

8.  The icemaker – I know, it’s part of a large appliance, but I love ice. In sodas, iced tea, iced coffee, cocktails. I especially love it crushed!

9.  Calculator – I have a mental disability when it comes to math. Our checkbook would be hopeless without one.

 10. iPod – Well, without it I’d never go to the gym.

How about you? Is there a gadget you can’t live without?

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