Thursday, August 6, 2009

Me and My Black Mold

Have you ever wanted to complete a home improvement project that your spouse would rather you skipped?

This has been the case with the carpet in our bonus room. It's original to the house (that means it's over 20 years old) and has the following stains: an iron burn, rust rings, purple tints from red wine, fruit juice, and popsicles, and the invisible but disgusting memories of urine (durind daughter's potty training), cat poop, and rodent body parts (again thanks to the cats). In short, I felt like I was in a cheap motel every night - you know the kind - you wouldn't dream of stepping foot on the carpet without your slippers!

Despite my husband's protests (too much money, the kids will trash it, I don't want to move the furniture) I ordered new carpet at a clearance price. Feeling smug, the installation date was scheduled and even though I promised to move out the billion books and toys, I hurt my back and my other half had to do all the work.

Finally, the glorious day of New Carpet arrived (Tuesday) and the installers pulled out the old carpet and called me in alarm. "You've got mold under here, lady. Lots! You've got to prime this floor. We'll be back Thursday."

MOLD? Prime? Me?

Indeed, the floor, hall, and stairs were covered with the stuff, so I spent all afternoon and a bit of this morning covering the floor with thick coats of Kilz. I wanted this, right? Well, I got it! Our house is a disaster, but I feel like I have rid us of a potential sickness, so this new carpet might have saved our very lives.

(Yeah, my husband doesn't see it that way, but I hope our world will be back in order tomorrow)

What home improvements would you love to make if time, money, and a grumbling spouse were of no consequence?
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