Monday, August 3, 2009

The Mailer Daemon Lives Among Us

I swear that little imp has gotten loose and set up housekeeping in my husband’s office. Every day, my hubby gets messages from that rascal (henceforth known as May-D) saying he couldn’t get emails to go through. And then May-D lists addresses from my husband’s addy book that didn’t work because May-D didn’t like the host and/or he got tired of trying. Finicky devil.

One problem. My husband never sent those emails.

Sometimes the emails have a link in them (we are afraid to click on it, but it has something to do with postcards) and sometimes they have attachments on them. We heard from an acquaintance who actually received the email that the attachment was for a Canadian pharmacy. And that his computer crashed afterward. Go figure.

The email addresses in the list vary. Some are to businesses with their own dot com addresses, such as American Airlines; some are Comcast or Bellsouth addys, but none are to yahoo, where the emails originate. We had a tech do a complete virus scan on the computer. He came up empty-handed. That little fiend knows how to hide, apparently.

So if May-D is doing his dirty work, where is he? And how do we get him to stop?

I’ve sent the info to Yahoo to see if they can corral the bitty beast. So far, no word. Anyone have anything similar happen? Any way to stop it? Please? Before the dastardly May-D does it again?

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